Sunday School Update: The Jelly Bean Prayer

Amy Cox-Martins, Sunday School Director
jelly beans

Sunday School attendance has been continually rising, and we are thrilled! The classes are brimming with enthusiastic, participating students. As the Sunday School enters Lent, I have asked the children to think about what they can to sacrifice something they like, to do something for others, or to help mother earth in some way.

One recent activity we did at school was the Jelly Bean Prayer. If a child did a special activity, she was awarded a colored jelly bean. Red is for the blood of Christ (sacrifice), Green is for the palm's cool shade (good deeds), Yellow is for God's light so bright (kindness to others), Orange is for the prayers at twilight (saying nightly prayers), Black is for sweet rest at night (going to sleep cooperatively), White is for the Grace of Christ (cooperation), Purple if for His days of sorrow (apology), and Pink is for each new day tomorrow (forgiveness). See everyone in Sunday School!